Help your customers get the answers that they want. For example, product search, how to transfer funds overseas, where to find the nearest ATM, what deals are available on my card, which collaterals are eligible for loan.


Simplify money with a single personalised command to fulfil any requirements. You can invest in the market while watching the news or renew your car insurance with a few clicks on your mobile phone.


Re-image the experience of the conversational channel for your customer’s beyond the internet and mobile apps. Deepen the engagement with continuous learning of the conversation patterns to personalise the next steps proactively or help out in the time of need.

Software Development

Teflonhub follows a well structured plan to help build applications across IOS and Android mobile platforms.

We ensure the applications built is specific to the clients needs, that is why our support and tech team are always on standby to work with our clients

Payment Services

Teflonhub is a payment service provider that allows customers process payment across all e-commerce websites.

With Teflonhub’s payment and alternative option, payments can be processed on credit, using your Debit Cards, with Account Transfer, USSD & QR Codes.

Merchant Lending

Teflonhub provides access to collateral free loans & credit for your personal needs. We provide quick credit advance to customers who have insufficient credit/balance to complete a transaction online.

This way, the merchant receives full payment for the product or services rendered and the customer gets full value for the service – but pays back overtime.

Teflonhub’salternative payment option can lead to a 15% growth in average order value and a 17% growth in incremental sales.


Retargeting powered by deep learning leads to significant boost of performancefor e-commerce platforms.

This automatically formulates a tailor made bidding model and offer recommendation strategy based on user’s behavioural preferences.

School Mgnt.

Teflonhub school management software is not just another run-of-the-mill campus management system.

This has been built by a team passionate about education with features that will help you help your students succeed because, as the saying goes –“A good education is the greatest GIFT you can give, but you have to have the time to give it.”

Teflonhub school management platform helps colleges and higher education institutions of any size to better align their core academic and administrative processes with technology, and help plan, implement, manage and maintain their IT infrastructure, leading to enhanced learning outcomes and ability to compete in today's