Digital Threat Protection

Wide Ranging Threat Visibility and Mitigation Across All External Channels

Implement a solution that proactively protects against targeted external threats. Digital Threat Protection offers unparalleled threat visibility and comprehensive risk management. Identify and eliminate threats early on, minimizing the impact of security incidents.

Website Monitoring

Proactively monitor and mitigate targeted attacks such as phishing, pharming, and defacement.

Brand Monitoring

Brand protection includes monitoring social media, deep & dark web, and searching for rogue mobile applications.

Session Risk Monitoring

Browsing sessions monitored for web injections which are classified according to severity.

Mobile App Protection

Mobile SDK that enables organizations to control access to their mobile app based on the health of a user’s device.

Unmatched Visibility

Continuously analyzes and monitors a wide range of sources including website, social media channels, abuse box, referrer weblogs and more.

Unique Detection Intelligence

Quickly finds and confirms evidence of phishing and other attacks at scale by using different proprietary machine learning classification algorithms.

Victim Insights

See which users were compromised and how. Enables targeted and proactive remediation.

Threat & Risk Intelligence

Incidents are given a threat score based on severity and risk. Information on how the score was calculated is provided for each incident