- Arik Air had a high failure rate in terms of tickets being issued after payment

- Also their reservation ticket booking was limited to only card payments for ticket purchase, therefore they were losing revenue and target market especially for holders of other mediums of payment.

- There were also discrepancies with online tickets and funds received.


- Our software solution for Arik Air helped generate much needed foreign exchange as passengers could now pay for tickets in foreign currency

- Our robust platform provided transparent and efficient system for accounting and reconciliation.

- Services and Products: Our solution increased ticket sales and reduced payment failure

- It also provided more channels for intending passengers to purchase tickets such as USSD Payment, Mobile Money, Bank Account Payment and International Card Acceptance.


Bemaswicth needed a flexible and robust solution that could handle a variety of business scenarios


Teflonhub was able to provide APIs to BSI to enable it build a payment gateway that can handle Big, Medium and Small enterprises.

This solution was built in 6 weeks which is record time by any standards and BSI started onboarding merchants at the end of this period.

The solution has such features as refund for failed transactions, transfer, rich reporting dashboard, part payment, (Bank account, card, USSD and international payments).


Design an android app for car sharing which is powered by real-time data & availability. If a user (ride seeker) needs to get somewhere e.g. commuting to work, why not get a ride directly from your mobile phone. On the other side — the app should enable the user (driver) to get co-riders who are traveling on a common route.

The app could work globally and provide the only locality based search results of ride seekers and drivers.


- Cheap Service Fee
- Ability to Detect Traffic
- Book for Now or Later
- Fast Pick ups
- 24/7 Customer Support
- Only Legally Supplied Cars and
- Competitive Rates


FAP is community-based incident and navigation app. FAP is a mobile application that captures data at the scene of incidents and relays that information to those who need it in real-time.


- Reduce Investigation Costs dramatically
- Maintain corporate and market reputation
- Minimize cost of Incident